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Today I found a seashell,
it was not on the beach,
but in a box of memories,
just sitting on a shelf.

I remember the day I found it,
as I walked along the sand,
I was thinking of you at that moment,
Picked it up and put it in my hand.

I was just about to toss it,
back into the sea,
When I looked at it again and thought,
No, I'll bring it home with me.

"I will keep this seashell,
as a symbol of our love,
and will not return it to the sea... as long as I know,
you still have love in your heart for me."

That was many years ago,
We've gone our separate ways,
And sometimes I still think of you.
On winter nights and summer days.

I never thought our love would end,
A love that was so strong,
But nothing ever stays the same,
Broken hearts must still move on.

My heart is still so sad to know,
You lost your love for me,
Tomorrow I will toss this shell,
Back into the sea....

Copyright 2000 Sandy ~ By The Sea


*Midi Sequenced by RedSal

Please do not add my copyrighted poems to any other collection.

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