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Whispers of your love for me,
Is all I need to hear,
Passions stir inside of me,
Whenever you are near.

Soft kisses drive me crazy,
They make me want you more,
You know just how to tease me,
Like the waves along the shore.

I'm so lucky to have found you,
My prince, my friend, my love,
I'm sure that you were sent to me,
By the angels from above.

To make my heart complete and whole,
To know your special touch,
That only you could bring to me,
In loving me so much.

A word need not be spoken,
As we walk along the sand,
Sharing quiet moments,
Together hand and hand.

A love like ours will always be,
Sweet memories every day,
Forever in my heart and soul,
No one will ever take away.

Copyright 2000 Sandy ~ By The Sea


*Midi Sequenced by TGLHowie TGL Tunes

Copyright 1998-2010 BY THE SEA