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My bear and I went out last night
it was our final date
I had to say farewell to him
"Cause time just would not wait."

My mother said the day had come
to pack my toys away
I guess that I was all grown up
and they were in the way.

My bear had always been so neat
the toy that I liked best
I never thought that I'd be asked
to put my bear to rest.

But as we all begin to grow
some things don't go our way
And many times we feel sad
so sad that we can't play.

That's how I felt when mom announced
that time was passing by
So I asked teddy for a date
I'm sure he wondered why.

We took a walk around the block
and ate two candy bars
Then sat out on the big porch swing
and looked up at the stars.

I had to have a talk with him
as private as could be
There were so many things to say
between just him and me.

I thanked him for his many hugs
and his great listening ears
For all the nights he kept me warm
and helped remove my fears.

He always had such smiling eyes
so precious and so dear
But this time as I reached for him
I thought I saw a tear.

Could I have touched his little heart
and caused my bear to cry
With feelings so emotional
I thought I heard him sigh.

I rubbed my eyes in disbelief
then recognized that he was fine
The tear had fallen from my cheek
it wasn't his but mine.

My brother looked at me and stared
he didn't understand
My bear was not an old stuffed toy
he was my dearest friend.

I wrapped him in a tiny cloth
and hugged him oh so tight
And packed him in an old shoe box
and gently said, "Goodnight."

My father took my special box
and placed it in a trunk
Then hauled it to the attic room
with all our other junk.

So many thoughts came to my mind
as I hopped into bed
First came glorious memories
then worry filled my head.

I hope he doesn't mind the dark
the dampness or the cold
His body seemed so weak and frail
it's worn and rather old.

But this was just a teddy bear
how could I feel this way
It made me think of Grandma's words
"All things must pass away."

I felt a kind of lonliness
and kind of insecure
My bear had brought me hours of joy
so innocent and pure.

To give him up was very sad
and seemed a bit unfair
Yet that's the way life had us part
my friend, my love, my bear.

I hope that he'll remember me
when I am old and gray
'Cause I may need him once again
to help me through the day.

~Author Unknown

Teddy bears bring smiles to the faces of those who take them in their arms.....they bring comfort and joy
to troubled hearts, if only for a moment.

~Author Unknown

*Beach bear photograph by Lawrence Berman

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