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Today I thought about you,
as I do most every day,
Our happy times together,
long walks along the bay.

We use to talk for hours,
about our future dreams,
Wished upon the brightest star,
and kissed beneath moonbeams.

Where did it all go so wrong,
I wonder that each day,
Guess we were both too stubborn,
and pride got in the way.

Through windswept sands I often go
to a lonely stretch of beach,
Close my eyes and say a prayer,
you're not beyond my reach.

As time goes by without you,
never hearing how you are,
Sometimes I feel I'm wishing,
on someone else's star......

Copyright 2002 Sandy Leigh ~ By The Sea

*Midi Sequenced by RedSal

Please do not add my copyrighted poems to any other collection.

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