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In part of our souls, we have special places.One is a place we seek in a time of sorrow and pain. Somethere we can go that tears become our friend. He comforts us and helps us to get back on our own.

A second one is the home of another friend named pride. We then tell of all our accomplishments and victories. We share with him how it felt crossing the finish line. How it felt to win the prize that you worked hard for.

Another is a warehouse of comedy where laughter is our best friend. Crates filled with jokes and punch llines overflow capacity. Comedians tickle our funny bones and bust our ribs.

A fourth is underneath a tree on a grassy hill at sunset. Relaxation is our friend there and troubles go away. We think of lazy days gone by as we look at the clouds roll by. Imagination takes control and we go to places we want to be.

The last is the most unique and dearest of all. No friend can be found for only thoughts and emotions are here. Thoughts of candlelit dinners and cold nights
by a warm fireplace. Emotions that only one person can know about. It is a home for our feelings for the person we love.

Author ~ Jason Heath

*Special Places used with permission.

Please do not add my copyrighted poems to any other collection.

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