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The summer breeze floats across the sand,
Two lovers kiss while holding hands,
With you my love, I feel so at ease,
Listen to the silence....
of the summer breeze.

The falling leaves, the cool crisp air,
Changing of seasons, trees getting bare,
You are my love, my heart you please,
Listen to the silence....
of the falling leaves.

The quiet snow is coming down,
And softly blankets the cold, bare ground,
With you my love by the fire's glow,
Listen to the silence....
of the quiet snow.

The opening rose, the green of spring,
Soft misty rain, hear the robins sing,
For you my love, I write this prose,
Listen to the silence....
of the opening rose.

My heart is yours, your love is mine,
We'll be together 'til the end of time,
I keep you near even tho we're apart,
Listen to the silence.......
hear my heart.

Copyright 2000 Sandy Leigh ~ By The Sea

Please do not add my copyrighted poems to any other collection.

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