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I was up bright and early today,
Sat out on the deck overlooking the bay,
In the distance, rising out of the sea,
The sun appeared to be peeking at me...

I thought about losing those that I've loved,
My eyes looking up to the heaven's above,
The loss that I feel is sometimes too much,
But here by the sea, I feel so in-touch...

I thought about what it's like, floating on a cloud,
How you can feel so alone, even in a crowd,
When an emptiness seems to fill each and every day,
I can always find peace, here by the bay...

I thought about my years on the net,
Going on four, and the people I've met.
Most have been kind, considerate and nice,
And then there are those, as cold, as ice...

I thought about how lonely life can sometimes be,
On the net, in a crowd, or here by the sea,
Reflecting on memories and things we hold dear,
Will often bring smiles and sometimes a tear...

Seems everything changes like the shifting sands,
But that one true friend who holds out their hand,
Giving you strength to go on like a shining light,
And somehow you know, you will be alright...

Copyright 2000 Sandy Leigh ~ By The Sea

Please do not add my copyrighted poems to any other collection.

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