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The sound of falling rain at night,
reminds me of sweet times,
of promised love forever,
you always would be mine.

Warm summer breezes taking me,
to a place I've been before,
not only just in dreams
but with the shore.

I still can hear the oceans roar,
singing music from the sea,
pounding like my heart sometimes,
when you made love to me.

Still see midnight moonlight,
shining from your eyes,
see your smile as sunshine,
at every noontime tide.

I still can feel the salt spray mist,
softly blowing from the sea,
cooling our love's passion,
only known by you and me.

Sunkissed days and love filled nights,
along New England's coast,
lost in promised words of love,
is what I miss the most.

I'll hold you in my lonely heart,
throughout the coming years.
listen to the falling rain,
and wipe away my tears.

So many emotions reminding me,
wherever I may go,
forever in my heart and soul,
how much I loved you so........

Copyright 2001 Sandy Leigh ~ By The Sea

Please do not add my copyrighted poems to any other collection.

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