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My life is touched by magic,
each day spent with you...
walking along the sand,
sailing on seas of blue.

Each night we spend together,
dining by candlelight,
dancing to beautiful music,
soft kisses by moonlight.

Being with you is all I need,
from sunset to sunrise,
I see a future filled with love,
when looking in your eyes.

Roaring surf against the shore,
waves that never cease,
Like the beating of my heart,
you're my strength, my inner peace.

I love you and I always will
be your girl, your shining light,
You're my guy, the one I want,
tonight and every night.

I'll stand by you forever,
you are my dream come true,
My life's been touched by magic
since I fell in love with you.......

Copyright 2003 Sandy Leigh ~ By The Sea

Please do not add my copyrighted poems to any other collection.

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