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The ocean is magnificent....the sea is like a lady....she can be fierce and unforgiving if you don't respect her.
She can also bring peace and comfort....bring you to places you want to your heart and in your soul.

It is a place where you can reflect on the happiness and sadness of your life. She listens and somehow gives
you a better perspective on where you are going and how to get there. Sometimes our lives are a lot like the
broken shells we find along the shore. They may be weathered from the sea..have a little piece missing from
the rough surf but they are all still beautiful in their own way....someone will find it and call it a treasure.......

1998 Sandy Leigh ~ By The Sea


The tide recedes but leaves behind bright seashells on the sand....
The sun goes down but gentle warmth still lingers on the land....
The music stops and yet, echos on a sweet refrain....

For every joy that passes, something beautiful remains....

~Author Unknown~

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