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My love for you is endless,
as the waves upon the sand,
stronger than the ocean's surf
when its thunderous roar hits land.

A love that is much deeper,
than the depths within the sea,
as beautiful as a summers day,
when you gave your heart to me.

My love for you is timeless,
as each receding tide,
feeling oceans of your love,
when you were by my side.

A love that knows sweet passion,
the softness of your touch,
as gentle as a sea breeze,
your kiss, that meant so much.

A love that lasts forever,
has somehow slipped away,
as ships on the horizon,
disappeared from sight today.

My love for you now sadness,
since you walked away from me,
farewell to you, my darling,
as I drift beyond the sea......

Copyright 2000 Sandy Leigh ~ By The Sea

Please do not add my copyrighted poems to any other collection.

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