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It's winter by the seashore,
north winds blow across the sand,
so many memories linger,
of us walking hand in hand...

Snowflakes kiss me gently,
reminds me of your touch,
of soft and sweet caresses,
in loving me so much.

Stirring surf along the shore,
flash back to passions known,
of two hearts entwined in love,
now I walk the beach alone...

I think about you often,
as you sail across the sea,
to a place beyond the sunset,
to another memory...

Time and space cannot erase,
emotions felt inside,
Your love for me is like a gift,
left by the ocean's tide...

I long for summer's warmth again,
with an ocean breeze so calm,
of sunny days and starry nights,
and you back in my arms...

Copyright 2003 Sandy Leigh ~ By The Sea


Please do not add my copyrighted poems to any other collection.

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