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Throughout the sands of time,
I'll remember the love we made,
deep passionate kisses,
with each and every wave.

Making dreams come true,
on our sandy beach of love,
lacey foam surrounds us,
under sunny skies above.

You showed me how to love you,
to know your sweet caress,
in seizing special moments,
never wanting less.

Romance by the seashore,
whispering, I love you,
to know the magic of your touch,
beside the ocean blue.

The passion in my heart,
I could never hide,
I'm in another world,
when you are by my side.

If happiness can last forever,
it will always be here with you,
on our sandy beach of love,
making every dream come true.

Copyright 2001 Sandy Leigh ~ By The Sea


Please do not add my copyrighted poems to any other collection.

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