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I walk the lonely beach at dawn,
there's not a soul around,
Just me, leaving my footprints,
that barely make a sound.

Swaying beach grass on the dunes,
the scent of salty air,
Ocean breezes from the sea,
softly blowing through my hair.

Sun rising out of the ocean,
snow white seagulls glide to land,
A sandpiper scurries away from the surf
as the sea gently kisses the sand.

Seashells dot the sandy shore,
left by the evening tide,
Seaweed swirls in lacey foam
when a stormy sea subsides.

Little crabs hide between the rocks,
out of site from prey,
Waiting for the ocean's rise
to carry them safely away.

The dawning of the morning,
here by the magnificent sea,
Makes one thankful for God's beauty,
that he left for you and me.

Copyright 2000 Sandy Leigh ~ By The Sea

Girl Dancing On Beach Holly Whitten*

Cottage Gallery at Whittsend

*Thank you for giving me permission to use your beautiful art!

Please do not add my copyrighted poems to any other collection.

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