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Walking barefoot in the sand
along the ocean's shore
listening to my many thoughts
and missing you much more.

The sea brings me serenity
a place that I can go
to be at peace remembering
all the years I loved you so.

Relaxing mind and body
water soothing to the soul
gentle lull of rippled waves
a calmness to behold.

Endless as the ocean
my love remains for you
through trials and tribulations
and deep as seas of blue.

Time will not erase
the feeling in our hearts
emotions just grow stronger
as long as we're apart.

So take my hand and walk with me
where the ocean meets the land
two sets of footprints, meant to be
walking barefoot in the sand.

Copyright 2001 Sandy Leigh ~ By The Sea

Girl Walking On Beach Holly Whitten*

Cottage Gallery at Whittsend

*Thank you for giving me permission to use your beautiful art!

Please do not add my copyrighted poems to any other collection.

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