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He was known as the island beachcomber,
a man who loved the sea,
each morning when I'd take a walk,
he'd say hello to me.

He went in his direction,
and I the opposite way,
we seemed to meet again,
the same time every day.

One morning we walked together
he told me of his sad tale,
about his loss, his love,
his weathered face turned pale.

He loved her, beyond belief,
but he wasn't in her heart,
a one sided love affair,
from the very start.

They met upon this very beach,
so many years ago,
couldn't get her out of his mind,
he just always loved her so.

And every day he walked the beach.
hoping she'd be there,
to run into his waiting arms,
and say how much she cared.

He knew she wouldn't be coming,
and spoke with tears in his eyes,
'never give up your hopes and dreams,
or let what's in your heart ever die.'

We both walk the beach every morning,
and meet with a smile and hello,
the beachcomber and I have in common,
much more than he'll ever know......

Copyright 2000 Sandy Leigh ~ By The Sea


*Beachcomber & Crateline

Please do not add my copyrighted poems to any other collection.

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